Every breath I take, I breathe you in. You are the air I breathe and you are the blood in my veins. I, do not exist without you. You are my life. You’re my every thought. My every passion. You are my everything. Everything changed within my the MOMENT I saw you. I knew, INSTANTLY, that it was you I have been searching for all of my life. My soul, saw your soul, and said “There you are! I’ve been looking for you!”. My heart beats for you. It always has. I miss you more than a fish would miss the water it exists in. I need you as much too. Until someday. Until I can hold you in my arms again. Please know. Please believe. When I say I Love You…When I say I Want You…When I say I Need You…all of those, the amount of each, of everything, is indefinable. Everything combined together in every universe, cannot come close to defining it. All of them. Everything I feel. Cannot be described. Words cannot say. Actions cannot show. But every chance I get and in every moment that I exist in, I will try to let you know. I will always try. I want, need, love you. With all my heart. All my soul. All my being. I Love You. ♡


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