Daily Thoughts

I wake up in the morning and you are on my mind. It’s not a stretch to say, I think about you all the time. Since the moment our eyes met, regardless of those circumstances, you have not left my thoughts. You flew into me like a soft spring breeze, finding your way into my deepest crevices, filling them, fitting into them beyond perfectly. I have dreamt of you all my life. There has always been a vision of you, only you, in my mind since the moment I was. I cannot imagine a better definition of “soulmates” than you and I. Greek mythology speaks of this. Two souls, separated, condemned to wander this Earth, this plane of existense, searching for their other half. I am, we are, beyond blessed to have found each other. To know that we, that it, that love, exists. You are a part of me and I am a part of you. I cannot explain that, yet I know it to be true. I want you. I need you. I love you. With all my heart. Every song that I hear. Every word that I read. Every image I see. I see you. I always have. I always will. There is nothing, NOTHING, that I want, need, love…more than you. I would, and I will, climb any mountain. Fight any battle. Suffer any anguish. For you. Because of you. You make me, me! I love you eternally. I know I am filled with wonder. I cannot help that. My childlike curiosity has never left me. Why? How? What does this button do? Those questions, that wonder, I don’t imagine will ever leave me. Sometimes it’s good. It enables me to see more. To see what most do not. Sometimes it’s bad. For the same reasons. When I hold you in my arms, the peace that I feel, the serenity that overcomes, that fills and calms, my constantly overactive mind, is the most beautiful feeling I have ever, will ever, experience. Because at that moment, all questions are answered. At that moment, I am whole. Beyond complete in a way that I honestly believe, is unique to us. You calm the raging beast inside of me with your touch. Only you can do that to me. Only you. I wish these words could describe to you how much I care about you. How much I love you. If these words could somehow be all the water on this planet formed into one giant iceberg, they would be just the tip of it! That, that alone, drives me crazy! I want to let you know! I wish the “link” in Avatar was possible. I want you to know me entirely and I want to know you! I wish we could baby, I wish we could. I type these things, these thoughts of mine, so you can see me. More of me. And while I know that they cannot fully define or describe me, who I am, how I truly feel, they are the best that I can do. I promise that to you. To always do the best I can do. For you. Because of you. I Love You. ♡


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